Our beloved city of Portland, Oregon is a scenic city generously dotted with green spaces, parks and fountains. Portland throws her arms wide with sophisticated small town charm, bike paths, coffee shops, tinkling copper bubblers and a Christmas tree in the square. We affectionately call her the City of Roses, a bouquet tied with the ribbon of the Willamette River.

Sadly, Portland’s bloom hides a thorn that we share with a growing number of American cities, a place where younger and younger girls are being sold for sex. A port city on the I-5 corridor running from Canada to Mexico, a favorite home to teenage runaways and few laws restricting pornography make our beautiful city an easy choice for sex traffickers. Portland’s free spirit and compassionate heart were never meant to harbor oppression and slavery.

However, today we discover slavery has returned to our modern times with hidden shackles. Vulnerable young girls are enslaved in a world of drugs, pornography, violence and sex for sale or survival. Door to Grace was founded as a door to freedom for girls forced into the sex trade by vulnerability and violence, force and fear. Please join us in extending hearth and home to a hurting girl right here in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.