Here’s the ugly truth:

each day in America, children are being bought and sold for sex.

This atrocity is
modern day slavery.This injustice must be stopped
and we believe it can be.

It is estimated that between 100,000–300,000 children are sold for sex every year in America.1

Buyers come from ALL income levels, ethnicities, ages and occupations.

14% of men have been caught buying sex.2

America’s fascination with child pornography and prostitution is linked to demand for these girls.

Average age 13 years old3
She is purchased up to 15x each day4
Buyers will pay up to $400 per hour5
50% have a gang connection6
70% have previously experienced abuse7

In Portland, underage girls are commonly sold for sex in strip clubs and online sites. Portland has more strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas.
469 Trafficked Children
were identified in Portland

The youngest victim was 8 years old.

Although child sex trafficking is complex, much is being done to combat this injustice.

People are speaking up and becoming aware of this issue.
Tougher laws against trafficking are being passed to protect victims and punish perpetrators.
Local police and agencies like SARC are identifying and rescuing these children.
Short term shelters are offering stabilization and treatment services.
Moved by all these responses, Door to Grace was founded in 2009 to bring safe and loving family to sexually exploited children. To restore life to these children, we developed a unique community-based model of holistic healing.

Here’s what makes us unique:

  1. We go first . . . we do our own healing work before we engage with the girls.
  2. We support girls like family . . . we are not a “shelter” model. We build connections that can’t be severed by distance or time. Grace girls are always welcome home.
  3. There is no aging out . . . we treat the girls just like our own children. We are available to work with a girl for as long as she is ready and willing to work with us.
  4. We look for a girl’s original design . . . we look at God’s design of her as a unique individual with gifts and strengths to share for the benefit of others in her community.
  5. Our REACH™ Program is unique for each girl . . . within the areas of Restore, Educate, Arts/Activities, Community and Home, each girl develops her own unique plan.
  6. Girls are Free to Come & Go . . . we do not hold girls against their wills. We start with points of contact and slowly build safe, trusting relationships around her.
  7. We are a Community of Learning . . . we learn side-by-side with the girls. We listen as much as we speak and learn as much as we teach.
  8. The Girls Choose Their Mentors . . . when a girl is ready for mentorship, she chooses for herself who among our trained volunteers she connects with and would like to be mentored by.
  9. We foster a healthy, loving home environment . . . we share meals, celebrate birthdays, take trips, and encourage one another in conversation. Our door is always open.
  10. Our faith is why we do this work . . . while we are sensitive to each girl’s faith journey, our Christian faith encourages us to step gently into each girl’s life and know that God will do the healing.

REACH™ Program

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