Our Program

Door to Grace offers loving services and vital resources to girls who are:

  • between the ages of 14- 17,
  • survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, and
  • preparing to leave “the life”.

Our services are offered in the context of trusted relationship in two ways: REACH™ daytime services in our Day Home and mentorship with a qualified volunteer. These services are interwoven with our commitment to demonstrating Christ’s love and redemptive healing while being sensitive to the trauma and abuses these youth have experienced in life.

Door to Grace Day Home & REACH™ Program:

Our Door to Grace Day Home is a safe, welcoming, home-like place with familiar faces of both Door to Grace staff and trained mentor volunteers. Youth voluntarily attend daytime after-school services, Monday through Thursday, at our Day Home. Since every child is unique, each referred and admitted youth will receive individualized, supportive services through our REACH™ Program:

  • Restoration – Physical and mental health
  • Education – Support for high school grad/GED, trade school/college
  • Activities – Music, crafts, swimming, sewing and more
  • Community – Community dinners and service projects
  • Home – Cooking, baking, money management, home skills

Since youth enrolled in REACH™ are minors, Door to Grace will work with the student’s local high school to develop an individualized service plan that includes completion of a high school diploma or GED.

For more information, download our Program Booklet here!