We believe in freedom and healing for sexually exploited youth. Our mission in Seattle is to create opportunity through job training and mentorship.

While serving youth in Portland, OR, Door to Grace quickly saw the need to carry out our mission along the I-5 corridor. In 2015, programs were started in Seattle, WA. In this city, there are more youth living on the streets by the day. It is estimated that over 1,000 youth and young adults are homeless on any given night in King County [1]. Of this population, 20-40% experience sexual abuse [2]. Poverty can be the biggest factor limiting a person’s ability to exit the sex trades. Studies have found that 85% to 95% of those in prostitution want to escape it, but have no other options for survival[3].

Survival depends upon gainful employment.


Door to Grace seeks to create a different story for survivors—one of
opportunity, capability and restoration of true identity. Join us!


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Our Programs in Seattle

Door to Grace Seattle offers two programs based in the Queen Anne neighborhood for youth and young adult survivors of exploitation in collaboration with excellent local organizations.


With the need for low barrier work opportunities in mind, our response in Seattle is the Retail Merchandising Internship. This internship is a trauma-informed job training program for youth and young adults with the mission of promoting restoration and opportunity for youth who have experienced exploitation and are looking to gain valuable skills and experience to equip them for the workplace. The internship program is offered in a retail setting for six weeks. It provides a strong coach-mentor component and progresses through a curriculum geared toward discovering creativity, employment soft skills and developing a retail-specific skillset within a safe, trauma-informed environment while youth earn an hourly wage. The retail skillset focus includes attention to detail, business awareness, communication, customer service, information technology, interpersonal skills, numeracy, and selling skills.


  • Customer service workshop and experiential practice
  • Design exercises, including display design
  • Workplace communication workshop
  • Clothing sorting, organization and pricing
  • Store maintenance and cleanliness
  • Clothing care and maintenance, mending (using a sewing machine)
  • Work wardrobe
  • Resume workshop and practice interview
  • Money management workshop

Interested in applying, or know someone who would be a good fit? Check the job description here: Retail Internship Job Description

Reach out to taylor.naber@doortograce.org with your interest and resume.




During Summer 2018, we began our drop-in work opportunity for youth and young adults in the form of the Artisan Program. This program is highly flexible and aims to develop community, provide opportunity and an income, leading to self-discovery, restoration, and job skills preparation. The items created are sold at our partner organization, Simple & Just boutique under the brand ATHENA. The full profit from the sale goes to the Artisan participant.

Want to Apply for an Artisan Program Position or know someone who would? A new session begins every three weeks!

Email taylor.naber@doortograce.org for details.


Upcoming Events

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Our Location & Partners

We partner closely with Simple & Just in Queen Anne, Seattle for programs and training space. Check them out here or come in and shop for a cause!

Door to Grace Mailing Address: 2212 Queen Anne Ave #503, Seattle, WA  98109


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